Karlee Grey Starring In “Anal Doesn’t Count”

Girls Way is pushing a new video starring Karlee Grey and Carter Cruise. It’s called “Anal Doesn’t Count” and has been available since Dec 24th.

Carter Cruise’s boyfriend starts kissing her but she stops him to remind him of her promise to God. A promise that they both made: to wait until they’re married. She calls her best friend Karlee Grey to ask her what to do. Karlee tells her that she just might have the perfect solution for her. Promising she’ll be there in an hour or so, they hang up the phone. Karlee asks her if she’s ever sucked his dick. Carter is super grossed out but Karlee tells her that if she wants to please her boyfriend then that’s something she’s gonna have to start enjoying.

She pulls a dildo out of her purse and tells her to kiss it the way she kisses her boyfriend. Shy at first, Karlee volunteers to show her. They start kissing, losing themselves in the moment. Stopping temporarily, it looks like Carter is ready for another lesson but when Karlee talks about men going down on women, she has no idea what she’s talking about. It looks like it’s Karlee’s job to show her what she means.

Asking Carter to lie down, she takes off everything but her panties. She starts kissing the inside of her legs, savoring the taste as she runs her tongue over her panties. She teases her a little, finally taking them off as she begins to eat out her warm pussy. Its Karlee’s turn now as Carter goes down on her and makes her cum all over her face. Karlee puts the dildo in Carter’s ass, introducing her to another first and showing her everything that she can do with her soon to be husband!

Previews of photos related to “Anal Doesn’t Count” with Karlee Grey:

Karlee Grey: Anal Doesn't Count - 1

Karlee Grey: Anal Doesn't Count - 2

Karlee Grey: Anal Doesn't Count - 3

Karlee Grey: Anal Doesn't Count - 4

Karlee Grey: Anal Doesn't Count - 5

Unfortunately the full update is for Girls Way members only. A trailer is available here.

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