New Video “Ho Ho Homewrecker” Featuring Karlee Grey

Reality Kings is pushing a new video starring Karlee Grey and Charles Dera. It was published on Dec 27th under the name “Ho Ho Homewrecker”.

“Charle Dera’s wife has dragged him to her office holiday party. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she expects him to want to fuck her when he gets home from this borefest, because it’s “baby night.” But Charles’ fortune changes when he meets his wife’s hot brunette work rival, the shy, younger Karlee Grey. No wonder his wife hates her so much… she must be jealous of her big, beautiful chest. Karlee is tired of Charles’ wife bullying her, so she pulls him into the nearest bedroom and lets him see her ornaments up close. She throws him on the bed and dominates him, smacking her tits in his face, then she sucks and fucks him and lets him smack her tits for being such a bad girl! Charles’ wife is about to find out Karlee always gets what she wants for the holidays, even if she’s on the naughty list!”

Previews from “Ho Ho Homewrecker” with Karlee Grey:

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Karlee Grey Starring In “Jugs For Juggling”

Karlee Grey is being featured in a new video over at Reality Kings together with Alex Chance and Alex Legend. It’s called “Jugs For Juggling” and has been available since May 6th.

“Alex and Karlee were Breast friends! They both had huge, natural breasts and liked to play with them together, make out, and share men. The ladies came over together because they hadn’t had dick in a while and decided to give their pussy licking skills a rest and play with a cock instead. Watch these two heavily, beautifully breasted beauties suck dick and take it raw in their hot, pink pussies. Alex and Karlee loved to taste each other on a dick. These two were keepers!”

Previews from “Jugs For Juggling” with Karlee Grey:

Unfortunately the full update is for Reality Kings members only. A trailer is available here.

This blog is all about Karlee Grey, to see more of the other pornstar go here Alex Chance

Karlee Grey Starring In “No Way Really”

Karlee Grey is being featured in a new video over at Reality Kings together with Brad Knight. It was published on Aug 6th under the name “No Way Really”.

“It’s a girl’s worst nightmare. You head out to the club with your best friend, have the time of your life but when she gets back to her car she finds it hooked and chained onto my tow truck. These two girls were probably turning heads all night long the way they looked. They attempted to persuade me to unhook her car and just let her slide this one time. They tried every trick in the book but I had a job to do and I wasn’t about to lose it playing nice with these beauties. They didn’t have any cash after partying it up in the club so I relented and at least offered to take them to an ATM. I don’t know if it was her nice rack or her friend’s cute ass but I figured I would help them out. They didn’t get out of the cabin of the truck once we got to the ATM but instead laid on the flirting rather thick. She pulled out her gorgeously big tits as her friend said,”It’s not a full night until you do it huh?” She also pulled her panties to the side and I did my best to not look and keep it professional but she really gave me no choice once she scared off her friend by pulling my dick out and blowing me. She got me just as horny as she was and we fucked in the cabin. I never really realized how much space there was until now.”

Previews from “No Way Really” with Karlee Grey:

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